Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Scratch Build Pt. 1 (the mothership! the mothership!)

Having built 6 models out of the box and completing one kitbash where I used mostly parts from one kit and just added a few things to it, I decided I wanted to try my hand at building something from scratch. Science fiction subjects lend themselves particularly well to scratch building since there is no one thing you have to make it look like. Just dig around, find stuff and start gluing.

I thought this toner cartridge would make an interesting shape for the base of my spaceship.

I cleaned under my bathroom sink and found a bunch of stuff I haven't used in years-- bottles of hair product, Airborne fizzy tablets and a toothpick box. Then I found some useless office supplies with cool shapes like the liquid paper pen and tape eraser. I glued them on with a hot glue gun. This is the underside of the ship.

Then I added some bits from a tank model from which I had pilfered parts for my kitbashed ship along with some stuff I found in the parking lots of the auto shops in my neighborhood. I glued them on with cement.

This is the top side, with PVC nozzles for thrusters and more auto parts on the top. Funny story -- one day I was walking in the parking lot of a nearby tire shop, picking up little bits and pieces. I'm walking along the perimeter when I look up and see the owner giving me the stink eye. I walk over to him and show him what I have in my hand and tell him what I'm up to. He said come back during business hours the next day and he'd give me a bunch of junk. I went back the next day and, true to his word, he gave me several handfuls of great, useable junk. I thanked him and he said "that oughta keep ya busy fer a while."

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  1. It's the blimp, Frank, it's the blimp!!!...

    I absolutely love the aesthetic use of purely functional objects.